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Arms of Poland

Descendant Report of Jozef Chachula

 Generation No. 1

1. Jozef1 CHACHULA  was born circa 1850 in Turobin, Poland, and died in Turobin, Poland. He married Elzbieta BIZIOREK (c. 1850-1948) in Turobin, Poland.

Elzbieta Biziorek c. 1929

Children of Jozef Chachula and Elzbieta Biziorek are:

Jan Chachula2. i. JAN2 CHACHULA, b. 1892, Turobin, Poland; d. 1949, Turobin, Poland.

ii. KATARZINA CHACHULA, b. 1886, Poland; d. 1893, Poland

Jan Chachula c. 1929


3. iii. MARIANA CHACHULA, b. 1886, Turobin, Poland; d. January 1949, Palmerton, PA.



Mariana Chachula Kulik Polski c. 1938

Generation No. 2

2. JAN2 CHACHULA (Jozef1) was born 1892 in Turobin, Poland, and died 1949 in Turobin, Poland. He married ANNA SKIBA (1893-1951) in Newark, NJ.


Anna Skiba


Children of Jan Chachula and Anna Skiba are:

4. i. BRONISLAWA3 CHACHULA, b. June 17, 1913, Newark,, NJ; d. November 1981, Reno, NV.


Bronislawa "Bertha" Chachula


5. ii. STANISLAWA CHACHULA, b. Turobin, Poland.


Stanislawa "Stanya" Chachula


6. iii. JOZEF CHACHULA, b. 1917, Turobin, Poland.



Jozef Chachula


7. iv. WERONIKA CHACHULA, b. Turobin, Poland.


Weronika Chachula

8. v. STANISLAW CHACHULA, b. 1914, Turobin, Poland; d. October 1997, Turobin, Poland.



3. MARIANA2 CHACHULA (Jozef1) was born April, 1885 in Turobin, Poland, and died January 1949 in Palmerton, PA. She married (1) PIOTR KULIK  (d. 1914, Nanticoke, PA) before 1910 in Poland. She married (2) MICHAL POLSKI, 1914 in Newark, NJ.

Michal Polski c. 1938




Child of Mariana Chachula and Jan Kulik is:

9. i. HELEN3 KULIK, b. 1913, Newark, NJ; d. 1990, Oregon.


Helen Kulik

:Children of Mariana Chachula and Michal Polski are

ii. CZEVOW3 POLSKI, b. Abt. 1918, NJ; d. 1919, Oxford, NJ.


10. iii. MICHAEL POLSKI, b. August 01, 1919, New Jersey; d. September 14, 1990, Perry County, PA.


Michael Polski



iv. BOLESLAW POLSKI, b. December 16, 1917, NJ; d. January 1949, Long Island, NY.


Boleslaw "Ben" Polski



11. v. MARY ELIZABETH POLSKI, b. May 16, 1922, Oxford, NJ; d. October 23, 1998, Harrisburg, PA.


Mary "Mamie"  Polski



12. vi. JANINA "JENNIE" POLSKI, b. 1924, Oxford, NJ; d. August 5, 2004, Harrisburg, PA.



Jennie Polski










First cousins: Helen Kulik, Jennie Polski, Bronislawa Chachula, Mary Polski, 1973



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