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The Families


This website represents two branches of the Chachula family in the US who are actively researching their origins and family history.  Strangely enough, the known history of both began when family members immigrated from Turobin, Poland to Newark, New Jersey between 1907 and 1920.  Both immigrants were named Jan Chachula.

 [image]Descendants of Antoni Chachula

Jan Chachula,  son of Antoni Chachula and Mariana Bochniak, was married and the father of three children when he came to the US. When his wife died, he remarried and ultimately became the founder of the branch of the Chachula family currently being researched by Col. Bernard M. Chachula, his grandson. 

Jan, son of Antoni Chachula

Descendants of Jozef Chachula

[photo]Jan Chachula, son of Jozef Chachula and Elzbieta Biziorek, was unmarried when he came to the US, first in 1907 and again in 1910. He may have traveled with his sister, Mariana and her husband, Piotr Kulik. In America, he met Anna Skiba and they later married. Their first child was born in Newark but by 1914, they returned  to spend the rest of their lives in Turobin.   Jan's sister, Mariana Chachula Kulik, was left with one child when her husband, Piotr Kulik, was killed in 1914.  According to her daughter, Mamie Polski Camplese, her mother asked a family retainer/friend, Michal Polski,  to escort Mariana and her infant, Helen, back to Poland.  Rather than  return her to Turobin, Polski, married the widow Kulik and they remained in the US to become the grandparents our other researcher, Anita Polski Camplese. 

Jan, son of Jozef Chachula

Family Ties?

Did the two Jan Chachulas know one another? We are not certain. These men may have been cousins. Family photos reveal a definite resemblance but, so far, the exact link, if any, has eluded us.  They probably travelled in the same circle of Polish immigrant society in Newark. They certainly had mutual friends and their families overlapped in the U.S. when two of their descendants married one another.  


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