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Other Useful Sites

Tudogs - Shareware and freeware site - download software to create your own web site
Amazon online bookstore - great selection of genealogy, history and all types of books and media
The Weather Channel site - see what the weather is like in Eastern Europe or anywhere else in the world A great source for almost every topic,, including history, genealogy, art, medicine
Tripod - free Free websites, homepage builder, interest groups and more
Bigfoot - Formerly free e-mail with security, internet telephone, more
The History Channel's website
CoalSpeak - The official dictionary of the northeast Pennsylvania coal regions
The Free Site - another good source for all sorts of freebies- websites, counters, graphics
Desktop Publishing at
Polish Military History Books - Order online
The Quill Company - best prices on office supplies yet to be found
Insight, Inc. - good prices on computer equipment
Family Tree Maker - genealogy software from Broderbund and some search functions;  incredibly avaricious company but you might find some names here to further research

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