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Jozef Chachula Family Photos

Throughout these photo pages,you can click on thumbnail images to see the entire picture.  Photos are in family groups, as much as possible.

Click on an individual's name on this list  to go to the page with that person's photos.

Jan Chachula Family c. 1930

Front:  Stanislawa, Elzbieta Biziorek Chachula, Weronika Chachula

Back:  Anna Skiba Chachula, Jan Chachula, Stanislaw Chachula


Jan & Anna c. 1946


Jozef Chachula family, date unknown

Wojchiech Stachyra, son of Stanislawa Chachula


Jan Chachula Family c. 1946

Front:  Jozef and son, Unknown, Jan Chachula, Anna Skiba; 

Back:  Jozef's wife (?), Unknown, Weronika Chachula, Unknown; Unknown may be Josef's other children

Weronika Chachula and Casimir Sobotka 1954

Barbara Sobotka

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