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Polski Family Photos

Lehigh Gap 1906

Mariana Chachula married Michal Polski c. 1914 in Newark, NJ.  He was her second husband.  They had five children:  Czeszow (1915-1917), Boleslaw "Ben" Polski (1917-1949), Michael E. Polski (1919-1990), Mary E. "Mamie" Polski (1922-1998) and Genofewa "Jennie" Polski.  Michael Polski worked in the zinc smelting plant in Palmerton, PA where he settle his family in 1925.  Michael Polski and Mariana Chachula Kulik Polski are both buried in Palmerton. 

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Mariana Chachula and Michal Polski c. 1930

Mariana Polski with Marilyn Pagano 1938

Michal Polski c. 1937

Mariana Polski c. 1945

Michal, Helen Kulik, and Mike Polski, Palmerton, PA c. 1930s

Mariana, Helen, Mike, and Mary Polski, Palmerton, PA c. 1930s

Mary Elizabeth "Mamie" Polski 1922-1998

Michael Edward Polski 1919-1990

Boleslaw "Ben" Polski 1917-1949

Jennie Polski 

[mamie polski]

Mamie Polski Camplese c. 1956

Mike Polski c. 1940s

Ben Polski during WW-II

[Jennie Polski]

Jennie Polski with Freddie

[cousins image]

Helen Pagano, Jennie Kirsch, Bertha Goleniak and Mamie Camplese in 1973

[polski family '72]

Michael Polski family: Kathy Reisinger, Matheus Polski, Ada Stailey Polski, Michael Riesinger, Michael Polski 1972

Ben Polski 1930s

[jennie and bennett]

Jennie Polski Kirsch and George Bennett Kirsch

[helen and mamie]

Mike Polski, Jennie Polski Kirsch, Helen Kulik Pagano, Mamie Polski Camplese, Harrisburg, 1980s

[mike polski family in '83

Michael Polski, Ada Polski, Matt Polski, Helen Pagano, Michael Riesinger in 1983

Jennie Polski Kirsch and Mamie Polski Camplese 1950s

[jennie and broncia/bertha]

Bertha Chachula Goleniak and Jennie Polski Kirsch 1973

Mike Polski, Ada Stailey Polski, Matt Polski 1971

[matt polski]

Mateus Emery Polski





Mary Polski Camplese and her children. PHOTO REMOVED BY REQUEST

Mary "Mamie" Polski, 1997

[pansy image]

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