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Goleniak Family Photos

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[joe and bertha goleniak]

Bertha and Joe Goleniak at Polonka c. 1946

[jozef goleniak]

Jozef Goleniak c. 1920

[promised land]

Stella, Richie, Josephine and Bertha Goleniak, c. 1940

[promised land park 2

On vacation in the Poconos: Josephine, Richie, Stella and Bertha Goleniak with cousins, Mary Polski, and Marilyn Pagano, c. 1940.

Arthur and Bertha Goleniak, Stella Goleniak Sullivan and Gerry Sullivan, 1956

[canoeing at promised land]

Stella, Bertha, Richie, Josephine Goleniak, with cousins, Mamie and Jennie Polski, and Marilyn Pagano, 1940

Wedding of Bertha Chachula and Jozef Goleniak


Arthur Goleniak Jr.

Stella and Gerry Sullivan and their seven handsome sons: Front row: Thomas, Gerry, Stella, Kenneth. Back row: Arthur, Steven, Edward, David, Michael Sullivan, New Jersey, 1996.

Broncia "Bertha" Goleniak and Jennie Polski Kirsch 1973

Arthur Goleniak

Richie Goleniak and wife

Goleniak and Kirsch families in 1957

L-R: Bertha and Joe Goleniak, Stella Goleniak holding son Steven, Jennie Kirsch, George Kirsch and Arthur Goleniak

Bertha Chachula, Jennie Skiba, Weronika Sobotka and Stella Sullivan in 1984

Stella Goleniak Sullivan 1956

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