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Kulik - Pagano Photos

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Helen Kulik was the daughter of Mariana Chachula and her first husband, Peter Kulik.  She was a registered nurse in New York City.  She married Richard Pagano, a New York City fireman  in New York and they had one child, Marilyn Josette Pagano in New York.  

Sally Galka, Helen Kulik, Bronislava Chachula c. 1930

Helen Kulik c. 1925

Bertha Galka and Helen Kulik

Helen Kulik Pagano and Mamie Polski Camplese in 1980

Helen Kulik, RN

Helen Kulik c. 1930

Richard Pagano  and Marilyn c. 1949

Helen Kulik

Helen and Marilyn c. 1941

Helen Kulik c. 1943

Mary Chachula Kulik Polski with Richard and Helen Pagano and Marilyn 1938

Marilyn, Helen and Richard Pagano c. 1941

Richard, Marilyn and Helen Pagano,1947

Helen and Marilyn Pagano and Antonia Camplese, 1955

Marilyn Pagano 1956


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