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Chachula is a surname proudly borne by many Polish, Ukrainian, American and Canadian families.  In Polish, it  is a diminutive form of "nose".  It is pronounced "Ha-hoo-wa" and is written in Polish with a slash through the "l" (represented by the "~" symbol after the "l" in Western typefaces). Some contemporary American members of the family sound the "ch" and hard "l" sounds, pronouncing it as "Cha-choo-la". Others, wanting to keep the Polish pronunciation, changed the spelling to "Hahula", which is pronounced with the Polish "h" sound and an English hard "l". In any case, no matter where in the world, we find ourselves today, we are all descended from Poland and/or the Ukraine.

The surname, Chachul~a, appears to have originated in the Ukraine. Research into LDS microfilmed church registries from the Turobin area shows that Chachula was not an uncommon name there in the latter part of the 19th Century. We have also been in contact with at least one family who came from Lvov, in the Ukraine. In the early decades of the 20th Century, many members of this family immigrated to North America along with their cousins, friends, and neighbors. They settled in cities around the US and Canada, and as far away as Belgium.


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In recent years,  American descendants of the original immigrants and their families became interested in their Polish heritage and began the task of tracing their families' lives and history. This has led us on a journey to the early years of the 20th Century when Eastern European immigration to the West was at an all-time high and to 19th century Poland, not your most politically stable area. By making this website available to other genealogists, and fellow "noses" around the world, we hope to interest them in joining forces with us to try to seek out other Chachula family members for fellowship and to carry the search for our heritage forward together.

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